5 Ways to Earn Customer Trust When You Have Zero Sales image

5 Ways to Earn Customer Trust When You Have Zero Sales

Samson Olu
Samson Olu

Before customers purchase from you, they need to be able to trust you. They need to trust that your messages are genuine, that what you’re selling matches up to what you say it is and that if anything goes wrong with their purchase, you’ll support them.

In this post, you’ll learn five strategies to win customer trust and start growing your e-commerce business from the ground up.

Build a relationship through content marketing

Content is a powerful tool for connecting with potential customers who have no idea who you are, giving you a chance to gradually introduce yourself to them without being pushy.

Content can also help consumers get more familiar with your brand, especially if you share stories and develop a well-defined brand voice. Both of these things will show the personality behind your brand and help people feel like they truly know you and can trust you.

Blogging regularly can show that you’re invested in your business, your industry, and your customer's problems, which is always a good sign for buyers.

Have an excellent refund policy

One major factor that dictates where e-commerce customers prefer to shop is the existence or lack of a good and comprehensive return policy.

Good refund policies are seen as a sign of exceptional customer service. They show that you prioritize the customer experience and that you're confident about your product, so much so that buyers can send it back for a refund if they don't like it.

It’s important to note that over 60% of customers review your return policy before buying from you. If they aren’t satisfied with what they see, they will likely shop around. If you offer free returns within thirty days, no questions asked, people, are going to be more willing to purchase from you. If you can't afford to offer a free refund to all of your customers, consider offering it only to loyalty program members.


Provide detailed product information

The more customers know about what they’re about to buy, the more likely they are to go ahead and purchase it.

Product descriptions enhance the customer experience by making your site look professional and helping you sell your product.

Being specific helps, instead of saying “shoe,” it sounds much better to say “red shoe.” 

Some things to factor in when adding product descriptions include:

  • The exact weight of the item
  • Exact measurements of the item
  • Product ingredients/manufacturing materials
  • Individual product features (“Adjustable strap”) and their subsequent advantages (“so you can ensure this bag is custom fit to you.”)

It also helps to have as many images as possible, If you are a clothing company your customers will want to see the product on models from different angles so they can envision it on themselves. If you do not sell clothing items, consider having an image or video of your product in action so that customers can see how it works.


Make yourself available for customer inquiries

Who would you trust more: a brand that replies within two minutes with a complete answer to your question, or one that takes a day to deliver a four-word answer?

Having an excellent customer support strategy will improve your customer's confidence in your business. Customers who are unsure about your brand may reach out to you through several different methods, including your site's contact form, email, and social media profiles. They may want to know about return policies, shipping dates, or other product information.

It’s important to answer these inquiries as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Integrating live chat on your site (from Tradift's app store) helps, Knowing that they can get a near-instant response may encourage potential customers to send questions, and you can chat with them to address concerns or objections in real-time.


Use a FAQ page to address buying concerns

Your eCommerce FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page or section is one of the most important elements of your online store.

Answering customer queries is the main purpose of an FAQ page but it can be so much more than you realize.

It can answer user questions about both your brand and your products, demonstrate your expertise, provide product information, and show customers how you run your business.

This is just another way for users to get more familiar with your brand and more comfortable with purchasing from you.

Ultimately trust comes before sales, building trust won’t come quickly, and won’t always be straightforward, but these five strategies can get you headed in the right direction to win your first few sales and work your way up to a reputation that continually inspires trust from a growing customer base.



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