7 Online Free Business Ideas for Nigerians in 2023 image

7 Online Free Business Ideas for Nigerians in 2023


7 Online Free Business Ideas for Nigerians in 2023 

Aside from starting, one of the most challenging parts is getting the right business idea. No matter the end goal, every business is centered around profitability. No one wants to launch a business that will not yield profits. 

If you have difficulties getting business ideas to try out in 2023, here is a list of the seven best online businesses to try in 2023. 


Seven Profitable Business Ideas you can start with little capital


Dropshipping is one business that only requires little capital to start. It is fast becoming one of the most popular online businesses because of its inventory-free setup and low start-up cost. 

The estimated Dropshipping market value in 2020 was $128.6 billion, projected to grow to $476.1 billion by 2026.

As a dropshipper, you sell other people's products and gain commissions on them. 

You don't have to be a manufacturer to be a drop-shipper. You serve as a link between the manufacturer and consumer, connecting them. 

Dropshippers create online stores where they market manufacturers' products for consumers to see. They do not need a warehouse or stock up on goods as they purchase from manufacturers based on consumer demand. 


Affiliate Marketing: 

Affiliate marketing involves you promoting and selling someone else's products to earn a commission. 

It is one of the businesses that require low start-up costs. Affiliate marketing currently has a market value of $17 billion as of 2022. It is said to be used by 83% of marketers to increase brand recognition. 

You can promote Information products like video series, ebooks, and membership sites and earn as much as 50% commission. 


Clothing/Fashion Business: 

The clothing business is a business that always runs in the market. As long as people don't go back to sewing figs around their waists, then you've got a business going for you. 

With the clothing business, you may choose to niche down to female or male wear, children's wear, male and female wear, or general clothing for anyone. 

To thrive in the clothing business, you must learn how to evolve. You must know how to move with the latest trends. Go online, and see what people are wearing. Study your target audience and see the latest trends in their clothes. Stock your store with the things in high demand and let them know you've got what they want by using social media ads and influencers to get their attention.


Private label Beauty products/Cosmetics:  

As long as the world keeps evolving, the world will never run out of need for beauty products and cosmetics.  

You can make quite a lot of money selling your skincare and makeup products. All you need to do is get in touch with a manufacturer of the products you wish to sell, test samples of the products to weigh the quality, send them out to people to get their reviews, and, if the reviews are good enough, negotiate and brand your products. 

After getting your products, you can set up your online store to get started with advertising and selling. 



Jewelry is one of the most popular things to sell online. If you have a flair for beautiful things, this may be a good idea for a business in 2023. To enter the jewelry business, you must first plan and decide on the kind of jewelry you intend to sell. 

There are two kinds of jewelry sales you could venture into. 

Fine jewelry is the most expensive, made from gems and precious stones. This type of jewelry is only sometimes produced in mass and is very limited in stock. They are majorly for luxury and high-class customers. 

There's the Costume/fashion jewelry. This kind of jewelry is of a lower price point and quite affordable. Usually made of less expensive materials like beads, synthetic gems, plated metals, plastic, etc., it is produced in large quantities and can be used for the everyday customer.  

After deciding the kind of jewelry, you'd love to sell, analyze your target audience and use the social media platforms that appeal to the targeted audience to create awareness of your products and start making sales. 


Kitchen Supplies: 

Kitchen supplies consist of everything that makes up a functional kitchen. It goes from dishes to silverware and cookware. 

You can start by looking online for the latest kitchenware and noting them. Study your target audience and match their needs with the trend you observed. Create a budget plan and stock up your store according to the budget. 


Handbags and Purses:  

You can never catch an African woman without her handbag or purse, especially a Nigerian woman. They are almost inseparable. So there, a great business idea targeted at females in 2023. 

The female fashion business is very profitable in any part of the world because no woman wants to go out of fashion. An average woman would do as much as possible to remain in the fashion trend. 

Starting a handbag/purse business is relatively easy. 

You can begin by 

  • Deciding the types of bags you want to sell (designer or unlabeled).
  • Decide your target audience and the latest trend on the bags and purses they follow.
  • Place an order for the bags, wholesale or retail.
  • It is advisable to buy directly from the producers or manufacturers to reduce costs and increase your profit.
  • Set up an online store and start selling.


There are many fantastic businesses to try out in 2023. Feel free to try them out to see the one that best suits your preference. 

The internet will take a new and better turn In 2023 causing an increase in demand for online services. As more people plunge into the web space, the need for online skills and businesses increases. 

Online business Is the future of business. 

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