E-commerce business ideas and the post-COVID-19 world image

E-commerce business ideas and the post-COVID-19 world

Jossy C.
Jossy C.

Individuals around the world have been greatly affected by the COVID-19 guidelines, like the social distancing rules and general lockdown. So online shopping has been used as an alternative by consumers to purchase essentials.


The lockdown implies that people will remain within their homes, which is bound to change their consumption habits. This shift in their behavior is unlikely to go away over-night. GlobalWebIndex’s ninth release of its coronavirus research has revealed that nearly half of global consumers do not expect to resume shopping in brick-and-mortar shops for ‘some time’ or ‘a long time’ once lockdowns ease. Just 9% of shoppers, on average, expect that they will return to stores ‘immediately’ once they are allowed to.

Global reattribution of shopping apps (where a user has returned to an app due to retargeting campaign) increased by 43% month-on-month in April, data from Adjust confirms. 

This provides different markets for e-commerce to occupy. 


Here are some store's ideas that you can open and start implementing immediately.


Home-office accessories:

During the lockdown companies sort for ways to still operate and the best option was to work from home. Therefore, basic office materials would be needed in the homes of a lot of people who don’t have them.

Even after the lockdown is relaxed, working from home would still be a thing to maintain the social distancing guidelines. Getting an office space at home would become more common and a necessity.

Furniture’s like a desk and an ergonomic chair, equipment’s like a printer, scanner, and some audio/video technology to aid virtual meetings are going to be on high demand for a very long time.

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Cooking and baking:

Food is very essential and man cannot do without it. The lockdown and social distancing guidelines have changed eating spots and habits. With bars, bakeries, cafes, and restaurants closed, most families are cooking and eating at home more often than usual. Many people just discovered that their kitchen lacks basic culinary essentials, not to mention their newfound baking hobbies.

Quality cookware and equipment like bread toaster, coffee maker, blender, oven, and even cooking and baking materials would be essential.

Also, you could set up a store with Tradift and sell your food and baking products if you own a restaurant or bakery.



Since the lockdown kids and adults have to find a new means of entertainment. Gaming is a very good form of entertainment as it keeps everyone busy and happy. The games industry is likely to be more resilient in the face of the COVID epidemic than the film and television industry, as games can be produced anywhere.

The gaming industry always had an edge over the film industry even before the lockdown. According to polygon.com, global revenue for video games estimated at $83.6 billion in 2014 alone. In that same year, the film industry made $36.4 billion, according to MPAA.

Games consoles, computer set-ups, games, controllers, would be on-demand too.

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Gym and fitness:

Those who love to the gym but have been stuck at home because of the pandemic the only option would be to get basic gym equipment to continue to keep fit.

Equipment such as yoga mats, weights, skipping ropes, treadmills, exercise bikes, and physical games, which can all be put to use at home, are also going to be essential purchases in the coming months.



With a virus spreading with the slightest of contact no one would want to visit crowded boutiques to get clothes and shoes.

An alternative would be to shop the clothes online. Take advantage of this opportunity, as clothes online shopping would continue even after the lockdown is eased.



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