Five (5) E-commerce Tools You Need For Successful Online Business In Nigeria. image

Five (5) E-commerce Tools You Need For Successful Online Business In Nigeria.


Five (5) E-commerce Tools You Need For Successful Online Business In Nigeria. 

Do you intend to start a successful online business in Nigeria? Or have you started already but want to see remarkable growth? 

Then, this article has the answers you need. 

How you start anything matters greatly in determining the success or results, it will yield as time goes by. 

In other words, your best investments should come first. 

Like every other kind of business, online business comes with difficulties; they are inevitable. 

However, you can make things easier and pull maximum results by employing the right eCommerce tools. 

Here in this article, we've collected Five (5) eCommerce tools to ensure your online business's smooth and easy running. 



What Are E-commerce Tools?

E-commerce tools are software that aids online businesses' smooth running and growth.  

The purpose of all eCommerce tools remains the same: to organise, streamline and automate the entire process of running and growing an online store in Nigeria. 

Building an eCommerce website from scratch is expensive and time-consuming; managing it isn't child's play. This is where e-commerce tools come in. 

E-commerce tools make online business easy to handle, from building to designing, managing, and boosting your website. 


Five (5) E-commerce Tools Needed For A Successful Online Business In Nigeria 

There are various e-commerce tools for multiple purposes in e-commerce. 

Here are five essential e-commerce tools you need if you must experience growth in your online business in Nigeria. 



Website Builders for Online Stores in Nigeria

Starting a business online will require you to set off an e-commerce website. 

You have to create a space where people can meet you and the products or services you have to offer. 

Website builders allow you to build d and customise your online store quickly without prior programming knowledge. It has themes and templates you can easily customise to suit your wants. 

A very great example of an e-commerce website builder is Tradift. With Tradift, you can set up your online store in less than 10 minutes. Tradift offers themes, templates, and other tools, such as automated shipping and free domain names, that aid accessible building and smooth running of your online store. 

You can visit to build an e-commerce website for your business. 



Marketing Tools for Online Stores in Nigeria

An online store or e-commerce website is the only part of running an online business. You have to put in place strategic plans to make sure your products get the attention of intended customers. 

This is where the marketing tools come in. 

Marketing tools are strategies, materials, or techniques online business owners use to improve and promote their products. They are used to create product awareness amongst clients and boost sales. 

Marketing tools include: 

Social media: If you must create product awareness, especially among youth, social media is a sure bet. Social media is one of the surest ways to get many people to see your products and services. 

Research shows that 75% of marketers who included social media marketing in their marketing strategy have gotten more traffic on their business websites.

Not only does social media help you create awareness, but it also makes it easy for you to keep in touch with your customers. An example of a social media tool is buffer. 

Buffer is a great social media management platform that allows online stores to schedule content for their social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, in advance. 

With this platform, you can build consistency. What better way to keep your customers aware than reminding them of your products and services from time to time on necessary platforms?


Mails: sending direct emails to your customers is another way to remind them of your products. 

Email marketing has proven to be one of the most effective methods of keeping brands and products in customers' minds. 

Send your customers attractive emails reminding them of products available or new arrivals that may suit their interests. 

Examples of email platforms include Mailchimp and constant contact. With these platforms, you can build, send and manage email lists.


Design and Branding tools for Online Stores in Nigeria

If you must excel and stand out as an online business owner, people should know who you are and what you stand for. 

Branding and designing make clear your identity to your customers and audience. 

Research shows that consistently presenting your brand with professional designs across platforms can increase your business revenue by up to 23%.

Here are some tools to design and brand your e-commerce website.

Renderforest: Renderforest is an all-in-one branding tool to give your brand a professional design. With Renderforest, you can create mock-ups for brand assets like T-shirts, mugs, and the like. 

You can also create videos for marketing campaigns. It also has an AI (Artificial Intelligence) logo creation feature that allows you to create your brand logo using text descriptions. 

Canva: Canva is also a fantastic option If you want to create an excellent design for your brand. 

It Is straightforward to use and navigate, making it easy for business owners without prior knowledge of design to create professional brand designs. You can also create and edit videos, flyers, and logos with the available templates. 



Sales and Accounting tools for Online Stores in Nigeria 

Research shows that 82% of businesses fail due to poor cash flow management. You'll only record real progress if you keep a correct and accurate stock of your business. You may make sales but still, have your company declining.

Yes, Poor accounting can wreck your business. 

As you put other parts of your e-commerce website in place, pay attention to the sales and accounting system.  Because what is the need of a business when you are not increasing financially? 

As an online business owner in Nigeria, you need good accounting tools to manage and track your income and expenses. Also, in dealing with finances, you have to try as much as possible to avoid human errors, and these tools will make that possible. 

Here are some examples of accounting tools you can employ

  1. Zoho Invoice: With Zoho invoice, you don't have to go through the stress of handling or managing accounts manually. Zoho Makes it easy to create invoices, track expenses, and send customer reminders.
  2. Veeqo: Veeqo is an all-in-one tool that helps e-commerce websites with order management, real-time inventory update, and forecasting tools needed to grow.



Customer Service Tools for Online Stores in Nigeria

In building and establishing an online business in Nigeria, customer service is one thing to bear in mind. 

You should put in place a system to help track the flow of customers in your store. This way, you can measure your progress and know your shortcomings. 

There are several customer service tools that you can use for your e-commerce website. Two of them are: 

Zendesk: With Zendesk, you can embed live chat into your website and easily access customer data. 

It Is a customer support tool that allows you to put all support tickets from different channels in one place. 

Acquire: Using Acquire, online stores can provide high-quality customer support and streamline customer information and workflow for customer service agents. 



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