How To Drive Traffic To Your Tradift Website Using Tiktok: A Guide For Nigerian Business Owners image

How To Drive Traffic To Your Tradift Website Using Tiktok: A Guide For Nigerian Business Owners


How To Drive Traffic To Your Tradift Website Using Tiktok: A Guide For Nigerian Business Owners 

Tiktok is currently the world's third most prominent social media platform and can be a great channel to get through to a large audience. 

As a social media savvy business owner, it is essential to note that having a significant number of likes and followers on Tiktok is impressive, but only a little if it isn't boosting your business profit. 

Unlike other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, Tiktok has no link sticker or built-in e-commerce feature to direct your audience to your website; all you have is the link in your Bio. So if you must get them trooping into your website, you must get them to look into your Bio for your link. 

If you want to drive traffic from Tiktok to your website, this article will guide you through practical steps to follow.

Practical Steps To Drive Traffic From Tiktok To Your Tradift Ecommerce Website

Here are a few steps to employ to drive traffic to your website using Tiktok


Start with a profile makeover 

The first step to getting traffic on your website is to clean up your profile and modify it to appeal to your audience( bearing in mind who your audience are). 

Your profile should clearly state the value and services you offer. For example, if you sell shoes, your content should be centered around that; this way, anyone who visits your page can say with a glimpse of what you do and have to offer. 

In reforming your page, you also want to drop a link that leads to the latest collection you're promoting or an ongoing sale. This way, you show your audience the best deals, giving them more reasons to patronize you. If you can get your audience to partake in your best deals, you will indeed have them return for more. 


Use Tiktok paid ads. 

This Is one of the best ways to drive traffic directly to your website. Running a Tiktok ad allows for an external link in your videos leading to the website. With just a click, you have your audience on your website.  


Always include a CTA in your content.

To get customers to visit your website, you must have a solid and captivating call to action that communicates the value of your unique offers. Ensure to include it as much as possible in your content.

Clearly state what you have to offer in a way that catches the attention of whoever taps on your Bio, and drop a link to your website right beneath that. 


Create captivating contents

You must be ready to get creative with your content to get traffic on your Tiktok leading back to your website. 

Sync content about your business or website with the latest trend on Tiktok to get more likes and followers. 

For instance, if you sell bags or shoes, make a video using trending sounds and dance moves to trigger attention on your page. 

Note that this step may not have your audience running to your website immediately after one video. Still, as you keep getting likes and follows by creating content that thrills your audience, more visitors will check out your website. 


Add teasers from your website content to your videos. 

If you want your audience on Tiktok back to your website, give them snippets of topics from your blog and include a CTA(call to action) that leads to your website. 

For example, if you put up a blog post on your website detailing how to grow financially in a growing economy, you can make a video with the topic 'want to make money in this economy? Try these. Then you can go ahead and list 2 to 3 points with a call-to-action that leads to your website. 




Getting traffic on your website isn't a day's job. It takes consistency and determination to get there. However, you can be sure that once you've been able to pull this traffic and deliver quality products and services to your audience, you'll always have them trooping in, even with referrals. 

If you do not have a website yet and want to know how to build one, visit to create your website. The good news is that building a website on Tradift can be done without prior programming knowledge. So get on today and make that website for your business. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

What hashtags can I use on my TikTok content? 

The most viral hashtags in TikTok are: 

  • #likesforlikes
  • #trending
  • #follow
  • #tiktok
  • #explore 
  • #explorepage 
  • #foryou
  • #fyp
  • #foryoupage 
  • #tiktokchallenge
  • #duet
  • #funnyvideos
  • #viralvideos 
  • #fashion 
  • #meme 


Can I add a link to my website on my Tiktok story? 

If you have below 10,000 followers on Tiktok, you can only add a link to your website In your Bio. But as you progress and have more followers, as much as over 10,000 followers, you can add a link to your website on your Tiktok story.  


How do I get more views on my Tiktok videos? 

  • Know your audience 
  • Add viral hashtags to your videos
  • Use trending sounds or music for your videos 
  • Hop on the latest trends 
  • Upload content multiple times daily 
  • Keep your videos short and interesting 
  • Make a duet with other popular Tiktokers 
  • Promote your content 
  • Create content of value 
  • Participate in the Tiktok challenge 
  • Understand Tiktok's algorithm 


How many views are considered viral on Tiktok?

A post with an average of 100k likes or views and 1k comments is considered viral. 


What kind of content are most likely to go viral on Tiktok? 

Contents that give vigorous vines are most likely to attract attention on Tiktok. 

Tiktok is a 'happy people's app, and as such, it has a lot of people coming in to get entertained and informed. So if you'll pass any information across, pass it in the most positive way possible. Post content that will add value to your audience. This way, you'll keep them engaged in your posts.

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