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August 20

Marketing in Tradift: Grow Your Business With Facebook Ads

Samson Olu
Samson Olu

When you’re running an online store, how do you get “traffic”?

How do people find out about your store? How do they discover your products? Retail businesses have always relied on their storefront—and the rent they pay—to get in front of interested customers.

For e-commerce businesses, paying for ads is the new rent.

When you are running paid advertising campaigns, you will be able to reach a very broad and large audience. But running paid ads is getting more complex every day. From pixels to keywords, there’s always something new to learn, and it’s tough to keep up as a small business.

That’s why we’re launching Marketing in Tradift: A new place to help you create, launch, and measure campaigns. We’ve streamlined the process to make running a successful ad campaign easier than ever, and you can start a Facebook ads campaign in Tradift today.


Facebook ads

Facebook attracts billions of engaged users every day. Your ideal customers are already on this platform, so we’re making it even easier to reach them.

Starting today, you can also run one of the most effective Facebook ad types right in Tradift: Carousel ads.

Facebook carousel ads give you more room to tell your story than a static ad, you can feature five different products that a customer can click on to purchase or get more information.

You can also create Facebook page posts directly from your Tradift store and share your products with the world. 

We have added a few best practices into the setup process to help ensure you’re targeting the right audience for your unique products and goals.

We’re working on support for other types of Facebook marketing including dynamic ads, so stay tuned.

Track results faster

When you’re setting up ads in Tradift, you can build entire campaigns in minutes. Whether you’re creating a Facebook audience reach campaign or a Facebook page post, Tradift will automatically populate the ad with product images, titles, and descriptions from your store.

Once your campaigns are running, you’ll be able to track your results in Tradift, so you won’t have to switch platforms to compare results. We’ll also help remove the guesswork from the process by providing recommendations for next steps based on your unique store and campaigns.

With paid ads, you’ll likely see those results faster. Paid ads are one of the quickest ways to grow your business. When you are looking to drive quick results during festive and shopping seasons, paid ads remain one of your most viable options, especially if your business is just getting started.


Ads just got easier

Facebook ads is an effective way to reach your ideal customers and drive new revenue, but the growing complexity of each platform has been a roadblock, especially for smaller teams and businesses.

The Tradift marketing app is built to streamline the entire process of creating, managing, and tracking your campaigns so you can quickly set up effective ads and monitor their progress—no marketing degree or intensive study required.


More info?

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