Tradift + Sendbox: Ship your e-commerce products worldwide with Sendbox image

Tradift + Sendbox: Ship your e-commerce products worldwide with Sendbox

Samson Olu
Samson Olu

We are pleased to announce our shipping integration with Sendbox, a logistics platform that provides delivery services to e-commerce businesses.

For many merchants, order fulfillment is not considered the most glamorous aspect of running an eCommerce business.

The reason is that it involves end-to-end services such as getting products from warehouses, packaging, handing them to shippers, and possibly sending an automated email response to customers to let them know their packages are in transit. This is easier said than done apparently.

With Sendbox, retailers on Tradift would be able to ship their products from the comfort of their homes, in a fast and secure way.

In this post, We'll walk you through how to:

  • Connect your Sendbox account to Tradift
  • Manage your Sendbox delivery settings on Tradift
  • Setup automatic and manual Fulfillment of products
  • Track shipped products on Tradift

Let's get started!


What is Sendbox?

Sendbox is a logistics platform that provides delivery, escrow payments, and authentic reviews for e-commerce businesses.

Say you wanted to automatically fulfill products on your e-commerce store, or you wanted to reliably ship products to your customers without leaving your house. With the Sendbox-Tradift integration, you could set up all of these, and a whole lot more!

Sendbox provides merchants with the opportunity of shipping to domestic and international destinations at discounted rates from their aggregated delivery partners.


Sendbox Basics

To get started with Sendbox on Tradift, you would need to install the Sendbox app on your Tradift store.

Learn how to get started with Tradift

  • Login to your Tradift store
  • From the side menu, navigate to Store settingsShipping


  • From the Shipping settings page, click on Get started on the Sendbox banner.


  • On the Account Details section, click on Connect account


  • If you have an existing Sendbox account, you would be prompted to log in, otherwise, you would have to register to continue your setup.
  • You would be asked to give Tradift access to your Sendbox user profile, click on Continue
  • You would be redirected back to Tradift to complete your setup.


Managing your Sendbox shipping on Tradift

Once Tradift has been granted access to your Sendbox account, you would be able to customize your Sendbox fulfillment and delivery priority on Tradift.

Here are some of the settings required to use Sendbox on Tradift.


How should my products be fulfilled?

Here, you can customize how to send your orders to Sendbox. 

Either Automatically (We send your orders to sendbox) or Manually (You would fulfill individual orders from the orders page)


How should my products be Sent?

Here you can choose how you want sendbox to pick up your products, either they pick it up from your home or you drop it off at their courier hub.

You can also specify the type of products you would be selling and add a default weight for your products on Tradift.

After filling the required fields, click on Save settings to finish setting up your Sendbox app on Tradift.


Common Questions

Here's a list of common questions we get from businesses looking to use the Sendbox app on Tradift.

Can I ship my products outside Nigeria?

Yes, you can. Your customers would be shown rates for the country they select as their location on Checkout.

Does Sendbox support Payment on delivery?

No, currently Sendbox only fulfills prepaid orders.

How do I fund my Sendbox app account?

You can easily fund your Sendbox account, through the Sendbox web platform, learn more.

Can I disable the Sendbox app on Tradift?

Yes, you can. To disable the Sendbox application, click on Manage Sendbox from the Sendbox app, then click on Disconnect account to Disable Sendbox.


More info?

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please send us an email at — we'd love to hear from you!

Tradift is committed to removing the barrier to entry for entrepreneurs in the e-commerce space, learn more about us.

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