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How to efficiently manage your e-commerce store

Jossy C.
Jossy C.

Every poorly managed business is one step away from crashing. E-commerce doesn’t stop at creating a store and posting products on it, it also needs to be managed efficiently to get the best out of it.

Here are five ways to efficiently manage your e-commerce store.

Stock regularly with new products:

Regularly stocking up your online store with new products will retain old customers as there would not get bored of visiting your store, and also attract new customers as you offer a wide range of products. If a client purchases a pair of a particular design of sneakers, they won’t be interested in getting another pair of that particular design. Instead, they would be looking out for a new design.

Also, sell closely related items so when a customer is shopping and closely related items are being displayed, there is a likelihood of adding it to the cart.


Contingency plans:

A contingency plan is a laid down outline of actions to be taken in lights of an event/events that may or may not occur in the future.

E-commerce is a business, and in business unexpected incidence occurs and you should be ready for events like that. Like a situation whereby a product is destroyed in transit of being delivered to the customer, a protocol should be there already on the actions to take to resolve the crisis. This would help avoid panic and making hasty decisions.


Partner with brand influencers:

The purchase decision of an individual is influenced by so many factors and people. Most time it’s the influence of family and friends and also celebrities and brand influencers. A study commissioned by Snap Inc. with Sparkler found that 31% of people chose influencers and celebrities influencing their purchasing decisions. The bottom line is: influencers are influential. People follow influencers who have the same interests as them and love the same products that they love.

When selecting a brand influencer to advertise your products, its best to select the ones in your niche as they have an audience of people interested in those kinds of products. For instance, a beauty brand should get an influencer that’s interested in makeup, and a clothing brand should look out for influencers that express your brand.


Upgrade your packaging:

This is a crucial aspect of management as it reflects your brand quality. Give your products nice packaging when it’s to be delivered. A kind of packaging that the content won’t get easily damaged or destroyed in transit.

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Also, you could drop a handwritten appreciatory note inside the package as it makes the customer feel special. Customer satisfaction should be your priority.


Social Media Presence:

Your social media presence matters a lot as it bridges the gap between you, your customers, and potential customers. Advertising your brand on social media such as; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, would open up the opportunity of meeting new customers and also help you relate and keep in touch with the old ones. Customers’ complaints can be addressed there, and when this happens don’t get furious and rude at the customer. Try to calm them down and apologize for the service rendered then go ahead to resolve the complaint as soon as possible.

Increasing your number of followers on your social media accounts should be a priority. The more people that get to see your post the higher the possibility of meeting new customers. Post content that they’d relate to, to keep the accounts active.


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