How to Create a Profitable Online Store in 2023 with Tradift: A Practical Guide for Business Owners in Nigeria image

How to Create a Profitable Online Store in 2023 with Tradift: A Practical Guide for Business Owners in Nigeria


How to Create a Profitable Online Store in 2023 with Tradift: A Practical Guide for Business Owners in Nigeria 

As a small business owner in Nigeria, one of the challenges is adopting technological tools and how they work. "You know you need an online store, but I do not have the skill to build one or the money to pay a developer." 

With Tradift, you do not need prior tech knowledge to set up your online store. 

In this article, we will guide you through a practical process to create an online store with Tradift and mistakes to avoid. 


What is Tradift eCommerce Website Builder?

Tradift is one of the best e-commerce website builders in Nigeria. It is a platform built specifically for small business owners in Nigeria who want to take their businesses online. 

It has built-in features that enable anyone to create an online store easily. 

Creating an online store using Tradift is easy and fast. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily navigate through its platform. 

Tradift provides you with everything you need to start and grow your online store. From its easy-to-use tools to its themes, you can customize your online store and run it in less than 10 minutes with various templates, making your website creation easy and smooth. 

To join the Tradift family, all you have to do is: 

  1. Create an account 
  2. Customize your store 
  3. Start selling 


Why Choose Tradift to Build Your Online Store in Nigeria? 

You may be wondering, why should I use Tradift? Well, here are some features of Tradift that make it the best option for building an online store 

Multiple Theme: With Tradift, you can design a stunning website with the drag and drop interface and customizable themes in a few minutes. 

Free domain name: You get a free domain name when you create an account on Tradift and complete your registration. 

Payment Integration: With Tradift, your payment process is easier and faster. Tradift supports integration with Razorpay and Paypal, Paystack, and other options. 

Round-the-clock support: You get a sound support system 24/7 to keep your business running.

Shipping Automation: With Tradift, you can automate your shipping process with Sendbox and deliver items worldwide. 


Steps to Create An Online Store With Tradift Ecommerce Website Builder

Now you know what Tradift has to offer, follow these steps to create an online store with tradift, 

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Scroll down to where you have to start free trial and click on the link "Start Free Trial"
  3. Input your required details into the registration form. These details include your store name, email address, and a choice password. 
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions and click "create an account" 


An account is created for you instantly. 

After creating your account, you can log in to complete your registration. 

Once you've completed your registration, get a 14-day no, obligation-free trial. You will get a free domain name too.



How to Customise Your Store on Tradift (the practical steps)

Customizing your store on Tradift is very easy. Just follow these steps: 


Add product: 

To add a product to your store, go to the 'create product' page on your dashboard. And click on “add product” to your store. You can also make changes anytime you choose. There,you can add product images, description and Title. 



Set Payment Method: 

You can select a payment method for transactions in your store. The payment methods available on Tradift include; online payment, pay on delivery and pay via bank transfer, depending on your region. 



Add a logo: 

The next step after setting a payment method is to add a logo. A logo gives your brand identity. Go to the theme set to add a logo to your store. 



Customize your theme: 

You can easily customize your store theme with the theme editor available on the dashboard. Click on the theme menu under the Online store tab. Select a theme and click on customise theme to edit it using the theme editor.



Mistakes to Avoid When Creating an Online Store in Nigeria

The goal of every business is profit. Research shows that well-designed websites support customer retention. Also, customers will likely buy from a competitor if your eCommerce website needs to be better designed. Hence, as an online business owner in Nigeria, you must avoid making obvious mistakes. These mistakes can affect the smooth running of your store online. 

Below are five mistakes to avoid when building an online store.

  1. Uploading low-quality pictures of products: The quality of product pictures you upload significantly determines how people rate your business when they visit your online store. People are naturally attracted to beautiful things, so you want to make those pictures look as quality as they are in reality. 
  2. Failure to write a concise product description: After checking out the product picture, the next thing customers look out for is the product description. Here you want to give them the valuable information they need to know in the shortest way possible. Include product size, price, expiry date(for perishable goods), colours, etc. Your description should always be catchy and thorough. 
  3. Neglecting good customer service: One thing that can help you as a business owner to keep customers is good customer service. Customers love to feel valued and respected. In creating your online store, ensure to put an excellent customer support system in place to attend to your customers' needs anytime. You can use the live chat feature from the Tradift app store to enable them to communicate with you better. 
  4. Ignoring your competitors: Before starting a business, it is essential to carry out a competitor analysis. You need to know who you're up against in the market. You need to know how they do what they do. Make your research on the things that make them stand out and incorporate them into yours. To thrive as an online store, your store has to be as good as or even better than others. 
  5. Failure to prepare a good marketing strategy: No business can survive without a solid marketing strategy. It is one of the cores of a successful business. Before you start building anything, you must first plan out a good marketing strategy. How do you intend to sell your products? Make an action plan on how you intend to market your products and incorporate features that will aid this plan on your website. 

If you can avoid these mistakes when creating your online store, you will indeed have a smooth-running online store business. 


Create an Online Store with Tradift

Tradift is an e-commerce platform allowing you to create a business website quickly and easily. 

It has built-in tools to create your own online store that suits your business regardless of niche and your technical expertise. It has a user-friendly interface, making navigating the platform easy. 

With Tradift, you get access to the following: 

  1. Multiple themes
  2. Shipping Automation 
  3. Marketing Solutions 
  4. Free domain name 
  5. Payment integration 
  6. Discount codes
  7. Round-the-clock support 
  8. Online store and blog 

These features make it easy for you to build, launch and grow your online store in Nigeria. 

To create your online store, log on to and get your business running today.

Create your beautiful online store today.