Adding domains

There are two ways to add a domain name to your Tradift store.

Connect existing domain

Set up your existing domain to connect to Tradift

If you've purchased your domain through a third party,   edit the following DNS settings:

  • Your www CNAME record should point to
  • Edit your A record to point to Tradift's IP address:

Editing these domain settings might have an effect on other features, such as email forwarding. You can contact your domain provider to find out how any changes might affect your DNS settings.


  1. Log in to the account you have with your domain provider.
  2. Find your DNS settings. Look for your domain management area, DNS configuration, or similar.
  3. Change your www CNAME record to point to Tradift's domain:
  4. Edit your A record to point to Tradift's IP address:
  5. Save the CNAME Record (usually by clicking Save or Add record or similar).

Note: Domain names take some time to take effect online after changing the CNAME records

Buy domain

You can also purchase a domain from Tradift that is available online and add it to Tradift.