Setting up your store

Once logged in, the next step is to set up your online store. You can easily set up your store by following the "Setup your online store"  guide on your dashboard.

Set up your online store

When you are setting up the store for the first time you will see the Setup Steps shown below. 

Click on each item to complete the store setup.

Here you will find the steps to complete the basic setup of the store. 

  • Add product: Add a product to your store from the Create product page on your dashboard.
    You will be able to add complete inventory and edit changes later.
  • Set payment method: Choose a payment method for transactions on your Tradift store.Available options include: Cash on delivery, Online pay and Pay via bank transfer, depending on your region.
  • Add a logo: Give your store a brand identity by adding a logo, from the theme settings.
  • Customize your theme: Easily customize your store theme with the theme editor.


Select a plan

Choose a plan that suits your needs. You will be able to choose a plan and view pricing through the dashboard anytime. 

Dashboard Tour 

Take a quick tour of the dashboard so you can learn how to use the dashboard quickly and efficiently.