Blog posts allow you to complete your brand image and make your brand memorable to the customers.

Creating and running a blog for  the store gives you an opportunity to be creative and connect with your customers by writing about experiences, and building a community. 

Blog posts bring in the right audience who might be interested in checking out your Tradift store and so this helps with sales and traffic generation.

How to create a blog post


  1. Enter a title and author for the post.
  2. Under Visibility, select if you want your blog entry to be published immediately. By default, your new post will be visible when you click Save. Select the Hidden option if you want your new post to be hidden from your online store.
  3. Click Save
  4. Optional: To make a published blog post appear in your online store navigation, add a link to it in a menu.

Edit SEO

You can optimize your blog post for search engines by editing the search engine listing preview.