Tradift admin

The Tradift admin

The first thing you see when logged in on your Tradift admin is your Dashboard.


You can access the different sections of the Tradift admin by using the sidebar.  The menu of Tradift admin includes:

  • Important aspects of your Tradift business; including products, orders, customers.
  • Apps installed on your account.
  • Settings applied to your account and your Tradift online store.

You can use the search bar on Admin dashboard to quickly access Products, Pages, and other information available on your Tradift store.

 From the Analytics tab, you can view your store's recent activity, daily tasks, orders, and steps to take in growing your online business.

Tradift Home



Your Tradift home metrics section features a sales summary for your overall business. You can sort your sales data from Today, Yesterday, This week, and This month for your online store by using the drop-down menus.

If you want to take a closer look at your store's activities and recent sales, then head over to the Analytics page.


You will never miss an important notification. Tradift will give you notifications for new orders, messages and other important updates.


Cards are groups of information that are changed frequently based on your business growth and region to enable you to run your business smoothly.

Tradift Home displays cards based on the state of your online store, recent activities, and business growth. Among other things, you will receive:

  • updates on Tradift features
  • recommended reading on how to grow your Tradift store
  • support channels