Offering discounts to customers are a great way to boost sales and reward your loyal customers. This helps in building brand loyalty and bringing in stable sales.

Creating a Discount Offer

Discounts can be created and manage from the Discount section of your Tradift dashboard

  • Discount Code

Discount codes are the names given to a discount offer. Make sure it is something that is easy to remember as customers will use it to claim discounts at checkout.

You can also click on Generate Code so that Tradift will generate a code for you.

  • Discount type

Select the kind of discount you want to offer, whether is a fixed amount on each product or a percentage.

  • Value

Value is the actual amount you want to deduct from the orders.

  • Minimum requirements

Here you can add any order requirements. 

For example 

  • You can set the minimum purchase amount that a customer must meet for the discount offer to be valid.
  • You can also set the minimum quantity of items that have to be purchased for the discount offer to be valid


  • Usage limits

 You can limit the number of times the discount code is used by each customer.

  • Active Dates

You can set a duration for each discount code. Discount code will be valid in the store only during the duration set.

Summary & Performance

View the summary of all the various options chosen for the discount code. 

View the performance of the code, the number of times it has been used in the store.