You can easily create web pages that are linked to your Tradift Store from your dashboard. 

Customers can view these pages where you can add any additional information. Most often, additional pages are added for providing information about your brand and company.

For example, you can create an "About Us" page, "Shipping Information" page, or a page for requesting feedback.

How to create a page


  1. Go to Online Store > Pages.
  2. Click on Create page.


  1. Enter a title and some  content for the page.
  2. Under Visibility, select if you want your page to be published immediately. By default, your new web page will be visible when you click Save. Select the Hidden option if you want your new web page to be hidden from your online store.
  3. Click Save
  4. Optional: To make a published web page appear in your online store navigation, add a link to it in a menu.

Edit SEO

You can optimize your web pages for search engines by using the rich text editor.


Adding content to a page

The rich text editor displays text in the content box in the same style that it will display online. You can format the text ,change the text color and add the following:

  • Images
  • Links
  • Tables
  • Videos

Make sure that you click Save whenever you make a change to the page content that you want to keep.