Setting up shipping

Shipping with Sendbox

Sendbox is a shipping service  that is provided for Tradift stores.
Sendbox allows you to manage delivery pick ups,shipping and escrow payments. 

Sendbox's delivery network is reliable and hassle free.

To set up a Sendbox account simple click on Get Started.


Set Up Sendbox


Create Account 

Click on Create Account to be redirected to the  Sendbox website. A new window will open where you can link the account to Tradift.

Delivery Settings

Once you set up a Sendbox account , delivery settings from your  Sendbox will be displayed here. 

Product Pickup Settings

Once you set up a Sendbox account, location settings from your Sendbox will be displayed here. 


Shipping profiles


You can select different shipping rates for different countries.  You can add shipping rates for regions and countries both.


Shipping zones

Click on Manage rates to open this menu.

You can set up shipping zones here. 

A shipping zone is a group of countries or regions that have the same shipping rates. Customers can order products from your store only if the country or region where they want the order shipped to, is included in one of your shipping zones.

Make sure you add all shipping zones before opening up your store so customers can easily choose a country.



Create shipping zone 

Add  a new shipping zone from the list of countries

While selecting a country you can choose the states as well.


Add Rate

Next, add the shipping rate details for the zone you just created.